Marriage Life

2 min readNov 23, 2020

if you know that marriage is two people who love each other, so what life’s in marriage?

One day, marriage feels like all women ever dream of because who doesn’t like to be loved?. But someday, marriage just feels like “forever” in front of you. Forever meant permanent relationship that you have to brought it to your entire life.

What does marriage mean, is might be the most complicated feeling to describe. A man and woman have exactly a different views. There has to be marriage so there has to be divorce, is it true?

Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash

There was one of my favorite saying to remind me of my life now, “your life is not about you”. My marriage is not about me, it’s about us, about our family, about our friends, our problem, our together life. There has to be an answer of all the questions, there has to be the way out for the way you in. If you ready to marriage, then you have to be ready for all the possibility in it.

You have to admit, when you’re got married, you forget all the vows you said. Me either. I forgot that I’ve said I accept him healthy or ill, rich or poor. It’s all because, Marriage it’s not just about love. It’s also about life that you have to understand what life’s needed? so I must say, before you jump into it, you have to measure how big your life is, how grateful you are, and prepare for the worse part of marriage, which is how you deal with such an affair, a dissent, or even insolvent. If you’re not ready for all that possibility, I suggest you stay still. We must be able to distinguish between love or life needed.

It’s okay if you forgot the vow’s you’ve said, It’s normal don’t ya think? But if you’re ready, I’m sure you’ll be able to balance love and life.




the marriage that I am living right now, brings me into some facts and encouragement that might build other people.