3 min readDec 10, 2020


My Husband is Getting Sick of Me

When i realized, heartbreak is the only thing i felt.

Marriage is the beginning of our life. That’s why how important for me to choose everything including personality of the one person. My marriage will be 3 years old on January. We have no kids because we decided to, maybe next year. I thought marriage life is when two people deciding to walk together and deciding everything together so all things will be what it should be in their minds. In fact, maybe my marriage a little bit out of the line.

We have facing so much struggles and i can say, that everything just feel wrong. We ain’t have that connection and not feel like the way before. So much trouble from things that un-trouble. How many of you marriage couple has experience like i did? Maybe it’s just about you told your couple to not using phone while driving, they just like explode and ‘hit’ you back with the words that break your heart. Or maybe it’s just about they told you to do the right thing but sometimes you go back to your habit and they’re so mad to you in the wrong way. And you just realized that they’re getting sick of you.

What should we know about getting sick is, when they mad about the mistake we made, even it can called not a mistake, they just mad and make it like a big mistake, they just see that we are that mistake. That’s how i knew my husband is getting sick of me. So, there are a few things that I did today to face him, and i think it’s a little successful for me, because it leaded to harmony. When we start a new problem and he just got mad at me and said something that shouldn’t come out, these are what i do.

  • I try to calm my heart with said nothing because i know that our mouth can hurt someone with unnecessary words. I think this is how we show our real feeling, with say nothing. This is the best first step we should do because when we fight back with our words, it’s just cause a fire, not a winner. Try to not fight back when one of you is emotional.
  • Give them some times to think — i think? Actually when i get hurt, i try to not talk about it for awhile. It’s not because i can’t, its because our brain still need times to think and either our body to permeate it. I chose to go outside the house and went to my friend’s house just to get a diversion. You can go everywhere that could make you release. Believe me, you can clear your mind before you know it.
  • Let them looking for you. Just for you know, when your couple start to make a contact, call you or text you, or maybe asking someone about where you are, this is what should we know that they’re clear too.
  • Say sorry and give them an explanation. If they still don’t get it and feel right, just say ok and let it go. I know this is the hardest part to say sorry and let it go. But I don’t know why, it makes me feel even more getting away from mistakes. You don’t lose. You just forgive them already.

The final result that i got was, he just hug me and say sorry for everything, and he loves me more, because I learn to not be rude. And he just realize that every mistakes is on him.




the marriage that I am living right now, brings me into some facts and encouragement that might build other people.